Introduction To The Subject Hydrology

Hydrology is the study of science water. It deals with depletion and replenishment of water resources of the earth. The occurrence, movement, distribution and circulation of water above the ground, below the ground and in the atmosphere is studied in this branch of civil engineering.


The objective of studies of this branch is to estimate the yield (amount of water) from a drainage basin (also called catchment of water shed).


The study of hydrology is required for the following purposes.
  1. Design of hydraulic structures
  2. Flood control (Flood forecasting and management)
  3. Irrigation
  4. Hydropower generation
  5. Water supply
  6. Water navigation
  7. Pollution control
  8. Drought management

Hydrology Cycle

It is also called water circulatory cycle.

Components of Hydrologic Cycle

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