Advantages of Using Flyash Brick

Flyash bricks are precast cost-effective building materials and are sufficient to replace the burnt bricks which constitute 22% of the cost of the building because of the following reasons; 

i) The price of burnt bricks is soaring high and high and virtually it is beyond the reach of the common masses. 

ii) It is causing depletion of limited coal energy by burning process. 

iii) There is a huge loss of fertile land in making traditional bricks. Nearly 60 billion bricks are produced in the country annually using 180 mil lion tonnes of top soil rendering over 5000 hectare of fertile land into barren lagoon. 

iv) There is under utilization of strength of burnt brick. In a three storeyed building, load bearing wall needs hardly 4 kg/cm² strength to sustain the normal loading prescribed by I.S. code at plinth level and burnt brick of 105 kg/cm2 in its place is simply dumping of high strength of bricks of no use.

On the other hand,

i) A thermal power plant of 1000 megawatt produces about 1.5 million tonne of flyash every year and requires a dumping space of 0.5 square kilometer of land for a height of 2.5 m. If this rate were continued, the day is not far away when a good percentage of fertile land will be suffocated to death under the huge pile of the deadly waste.

ii) Depending upon the location, the cost of disposal of flyash may vary from Rs 15 to 20 per tonne which is an extra burden on the national economy.

iii) The disposal of flyash into land not only reduces its fertility but also adds more atmospheric pollution in its vicinity creating new challan ges for environmentalists.

iv) Dumping of flyash into rivers pollutes water and creates a serious threat to acquatic life.

The solution of these two categories of harms lies in the development of FLYASH BRICKS by using some technological innovations. It will prove a boon in the low cost houses and at the same time it will protect land, water and air against pollution. It will save the precious fertile land and scarce coal energy which was being used in the conventional bricks. Moreover, flyash bricks being lighter in weight, load on foundation is con considerably reduced and further the shape and size being exact, it consumes less mortar for joining and finishing.

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