Difference between Access control on Urban and Rural Roads



Access control in Urban Roads

Access control in Rural Roads

Intersection spacing

Intersection spacing is different for different types of roads (like 1000 m for expressways, 500 m for arterial road, 300 m for sub-arterial road, 150 m for collector street).

Intersection spacing is nearly similar for all public roads with 750 m.

Access driveway

Direct access to residential property is restricted for expressway and arterial roads. Indirect access is permitted for sub-arterial roads. However, it is permissible from collector streets with limitations and free for local roads.

Private property like petrol pumps, industry should not be spaced less than 300 m apart. If a number of properties are present near a highway with close proximity to each other, grouping is suggested to connect them with the highway at a selected access point.

Median opening

Mostly present at intersection. Apart from this location, a median opening is provided,   confirming the presence of a storage lane for right-turning vehicles.

The median opening is provided at an interval of 2 km (and 5 km for the expressway) if the spacing between intersections is high.

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