The CLASS Way to Make Cities Pedestrian-Friendly

In the heart of the world's most iconic cities, streets pulse with life, bustling with the footsteps of its denizens. Amid the skyscrapers and the cacophony of urban life, there's a movement towards prioritizing those on foot. Meet the CLASS standard: a blueprint to reshape urban landscapes and elevate pedestrian experiences.


Imagine walking on a sunlit boulevard, the path cool underfoot even in the height of summer. Comfort is more than just a luxury—it's a necessity. Using materials that are both durable and foot-friendly, urban planners are envisioning paths that cater to walkers in all weather conditions. Add to this, natural shades from tree canopies, and you have streets that beckon rather than deter.


Streets should be more than mere conduits; they should be lively arenas where community spirit flourishes. Spaces that were once overlooked are now being transformed into mini-oases of green, art installations, or impromptu performance areas. A walk becomes not just a journey, but an experience.

Access (Continuity)

The future of walkability lies in ensuring uninterrupted strides. The new-age urban pathways boast of seamless connectivity, linking parks to commercial areas, bus stops to metro stations, and so on. There's a premium on ensuring every pathway serves a purpose, leading pedestrians intuitively to their destinations.


With the surge of vehicles, safety has taken center stage in urban design. Advanced crosswalks, protective barriers, and smart signaling systems are ensuring that pedestrians aren't just an afterthought. By slowing down vehicle speeds in dense areas and employing innovative design, cities are making a clear statement: pedestrian safety is paramount.


Walking the streets, any time of the day or night, should instill confidence, not fear. Through enhanced street lighting, monitored surveillance systems, and community patrolling, urban planners are bolstering the sense of security for all city-goers, regardless of the hour.

As we stride into the future, the CLASS model is setting a new benchmark for cities around the globe. It underscores a simple yet profound idea: streets are for people, first and foremost. And as urban spaces become more CLASSy, every walk becomes a step towards a brighter, more pedestrian-centric future.

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